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About KINE Technologies

Ours is an enterprise whose ultimate goal is to maximize human welfare through innovative products and technology. . We clearly forsee a future in which Hawker solar Mosquito Destroyer is building bridges between health-care problems and solutions.

Kine Technologies & Research India, a firm based in Kanjirappally, Kottayam District, is a privately owned Research & Development unit founded in 2006. It is now owned and operated by a team of professionals.

The team members are


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indian mosquito control equipments, indian mosquito breeding sources, indian mosquito catching devices


Mathews K. Mathew


Mathew Davis


Georgekutty K. Mathew

Mathews K Mathew is the inventor of the product Hawker solar Mosquito Destroyer and the Managing Partner of the firm. We have a team for the successful installation of the device under the guidance of the partners. The Ministry of commerce & Industry, Govt of India grant patent for this product, after examining the device.

Our vision is to help people everywhere and create a mosquito free environment in ways never before imagined. Our commitment is to work with you to ensure your and your family’s health.At Kine, we take pride in our innovative spirit. It drives our firm to take on unlimited possibilities of technology, and destroy mosquitoes in ways they never imagined.

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